Dutch Inventors Make Flying Car…

Dutch inventors make flying car

Published on Apr 1, 2012 by 

This week the Dutch company PAL-V announced the first flights of its prototype “flying car”.  This unique vehicle is called the PAL-V One, or the ‘Personal Air and Land Vehicle‘, and It marks the start of a new era.

On the ground the vehicle drives like a sports car. Within minutes its rotor is unfolded and its tail is extended: then it is ready to take off thanks to the advanced gyrocopter technology.

With these successful test results it is proven that it is not only possible to build a flying car but also that it can be done within existing international rules for both flying and driving.

Having passed this important milestone the company is now inviting investors to join them in creating the future.

The next step will be the design of the first commercial production model of the PAL-V, and first deliveries are expected in 2014.

For 100 years people have dreamed of a flying car, and many attempts have been made to realize this dream, but now it has truly become a reality.



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Published on Apr 2, 2012 by 

A car which can fly for up to 315 miles at speeds of 110mph, has been produced
in the Netherlands.