FRESH PAIR – Society Marketing and Management International (SOCIETY M&M INTL)

Society Marketing and Management International (SOCIETY M&M INTL) was established in 2007 in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Our goal is to reshape the relationship between artist and management to better perform in the most difficult times during an artist’s career, as well as out-perform the way other management firms do business. We outperform other firms by generating efficient marketing and business solutions to up and coming artist that are guaranteed to elevate their careers and receive results. Without fail our objective is to 1.) support the financial and creative growth of our artist’s career and 2.) provide the artist with accessible, reliable, subject matter, as well as entertainment experts and executives to ease the process of becoming a known face in the music industry.

To support our mission we work heavily within the Washington DC Metropolitan area; with local DJ’s, nightclub promoters, and owners to help construct a solid base for local, as well as foreign, artists to enhance their skills on and off stage, provide creative, technical, and constructive management during the recording process, assist with the networking between professionals, and help propel artists careers.


We have started an exclusive way of representing artist who h left their mark on the dmv area by reproducing the infamous YO! MTV raps trading cards. We think of it as aBADGE OF HONOR. Only a select few who really rocked the industry like the flintstones. Its our way to page homage to those artist for providing us with sounds that will change us forever. So all in all, they are digital collectible cards that have D.M.V artist on them, collect them all. last and final note…….

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