Philippine Skyrunning Association – Akyathlon 2012

S K Y    I S    T H E   L A N G I T !

S K Y    I S    T H E   L A N G I T !

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“Herman Cain” — A BLR Soundbite

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Herman Cain lays it on the line, warning against “big potato moths”. Recommends we “throw out the good guys’ coal.”

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Aspire. Motivate. Succeed.

Aspire. Motivate. Succeed.

Aspire. Motivate. Succeed.

June 2011
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Boracay Sunset

Boracay Sunset

Whale Shark Snorkeling!

Whale Shark Snorkeling! =

From corporate America to World Traveler - Over the past few years I’ve gone swimming in shark infested waters, ziplining in a cloud forest, been arms-length from orangutanshiked up a volcano, gone snorkeling with whale sharks that were massive, hiked to the top of Machu Picchu, had a monkey literally jump on my back, climbed The Great Wall of China, visited the real Tomb Raider locations in Cambodia, eaten brains in a hotpot Chengdu, explored the pyramids in Teotihuacan, and photographed animals in the wild that I had never even heard of (tarsiersmacaqueshornbillsproboscis monkeys). I wasn’t always this adventurous.

I’ve now been to 31* countries, but I didn’t even have my own passport for the first two decades of my life. My first job after college came with a sweet perk – a trip Sydney, Australia, to work at the Paralympic Games. It opened my eyes to so much. My first experience abroad was in the opposite hemisphere. I was working with people from around the world and it opened my eyes to a new passion. After spending a month and a half in Australia after college (working for most of it), I came back with a seemingly unquenchable thirst for new travel experiences, new cultures, and new sights around the world. It’s addictive!

I’ve always been really curious, but now that carried over into travel.  At the time Australia sounded like the most exotic place I could possibly visit, but on hindsight it’s not that different of a culture from the one I grew up in New York. I took baby steps – my next trip was a cruise around the Caribbean, and decided that while I could see how cruises are great for some people, they’re not right for me.  A vacation at an all-inclusive resort with a relaxing beach was nice (and importantly, as a recent college graduate with loans, within my price range), but I didn’t get to truly experience that country. I had a thirst to really explore, but felt a little inner conflict since that meant getting out of my comfort zone.

That all changed a few years later – my comfort zone would be vastly expanded with my trip to Costa Rica.  It was a little scary at the time. After years of academic spanish, I was still hopeless at communicating with native speakers of that language (this is still on my to-do list). My Lonely Planet didn’t tell me if the roads were well-paved (they weren’t), or if it would it be safe (it was!). I went and loved it.  It was incredible, and my Costa Rica experience was the next giant leap in my transition from vacationer to traveler.

I started dreaming of different things I wanted to do, and places I wanted to visit. I made bucket lists with specific travel goals, and one of them felt particularly ambitious.

I want to visit all 50 states, and 50 countries, by age 50. Each and every state and every country in the world probably has something fascinating about them that make them worth visiting. Most people that hear this think I’m crazy. “50 States and 50 countries by age 50? Is that even possible?” It’s become a game among my friends that travel and they keep track.  When fellow travelers first hear of my goal, they immediately start counting. [I'll give you a moment to count how many you've visited...]

Most trips were short, week-long trips, but in my most recent trip, I traveled for 5 months, covering 13* countries!   My family and friends at home and around the world were very curious – many hadn’t met anyone that had traveled that long on the other side of the globe. They had LOTS of questions. How can you afford a trip like this? Were you scared to travel alone?  Did you really go swimming with sharks??  What was it like to see baby elephants in the wild?  Do you miss home?  What was it like the first time you were surrounded by monkeys?  I love your photos – what camera do you use? What’s a proboscis monkey? Did you learn their language?  What crazy things did you eat?  Where in the world are you now??

Hence the birth of this travel and photo blog, at, for people to follow my travels and to showcase my travel photography.  I’ll chronicle my trips around the world, starting with my 2011 trip (mostly through Asia).  Along the way I’ll post little anecdotes, observations, stories, and of course photos, and eventually answer questions that provide travel tips for your own adventures.

Do remember the never-ending stream of “why” questions that kids ask?  I never lost that curiosity, so when I visit a new destination, I want to learn everything I can. So in addition to stories of my journeys and photography from my adventures, I’ll post about the best things I learn.  If you felt a brief moment of ignorance when you learned about something in my adventures, fear not – I probably felt the same thing, and want to make it easy for you to learn what I just learned. I didn’t know what a tarsier was either, so this site will provide a quick primer on each species I found interesting, each aspect of culture I found surprising, and each piece of architecture that caught my eye.

If you don’t see the answer, drop me a note in the comments (bottom of each post) or contact me.

I travel. I write. I photograph.


Using this site: at the top, mouse over “countries visited” and you’ll see a cascading drop-down menu of the countries that I’ve written about and posted my photos from so far. More to come!  Hover your mouse over top section “Posts with…” if you want to skip right to the posts with the best photography, just the posts withwildlifesharks and SCUBA divingstunning architectureimpressive sunsetsmouth-watering food, or just photos of me from my trips.

Note: The 50 and 50 by 50 game is just a fun way to keep track, but some of my friends have become fiercely competitive. What counts as a visit?  What counts as a country?  Curious how many countries and states I’ve been to?

* Total amount of countries visited depends on if you count Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau as the same country as mainland China or as separate unique countries. There’s much debate and support for both sides. Explained here:  What counts as a country?

ASPIRE. MOTIVATE. SUCCEED Saturday Success Story #Twenty: Henzel Gapay

Saturday Success Story #Twenty: Henzel Gapay



Henzel Gapay

Henzel Gapay

Henzel Gapay loves to smile. That is her mission. That is her passion. So, she is sharing to everybody and encouraging everybody to do the same. Smiling should be an easy task and not a menial chore to do; however life has it that it can be daunting to give one smile to yourself or to someone else especially when you feel that the world is on your shoulders. This is where Henzel comes in to the rescue. Henzel wants to make people smile. She wants people to be happy and give each other some “smiles”. She is behind the Happiness Project, which is full of happy thoughts and reasons to make her readers smile. She inspired many readers to do the same and hopes to reach out to more people.  read more…

GoPro HD HERO camera: Mountain Bike Clip

Uploaded by on Sep 29, 2009

Learn about the new GoPro HD HERO® camera at

Craig Sanchez rips Whistler A-Line to give us a prime example of GoPro’s legendary image stability and sound quality. The HD Helmet HERO from GoPro…simply the shiz.




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Malou Prestado – “My version of the crispy fried chicken”

My version of the crispy fried chicken.

crispy fried chicken

Malou Prestado

My version of the fried chicken is easy and simple, the ingredients are few and very basic so that the flavors remain distinct.


1 kilo chicken thighs, cut in pieces
6 cloves garlic, finely chopped
6-8 tbsps. fish sauce
Black pepper, finely grounded
Juice from 1 citroen
Cooking oil

Cooking Instructions:
1. Marinate the chicken for an hour or two in the following: fish sauce, lemon juice, finely chopped/pressed garlic, ground pepper.

The Best of AMSDaily in 2011

The Best of AMSDaily in 2011


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