Alexandria Seaport Foundation…

Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Building Boats…Building Lives

Through the building and use of wooden boats, the Alexandria Seaport Foundation helps at-risk youth turn their lives around and provides families, community groups, and schools with meaningful educational, social, and recreational experiences.

Full-time apprentices earn their GED and prepare for a career in the building trades. After school apprentices learn job and life skills as they prepare for further education or to enter the workforce. We also run an after school program four days a week between 4:00 and 6:00, extending into a full time summer program.

The latest additions to our program include an educational assistance program in the middle schools, using hands-on teaching methods to develop math skills and encourage engagement in school and Building To Teach, a train-the-trainers program intended to expand ASF teaching methods to a national audience.

Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Happenings and Such —Check us out. Mark Your Calendar.

Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Donated Cars Needed
ASF is seeking donations of reliable used cars. Must be able to pass inspection with minimal repairs. Donors can deduct the full market value. Contact the ASF office at 703-549-7078 or

Recent media about the Seaport Foundation

Mission and History

Through the building and use of wooden boats, ASF helps young people turn their lives around and provides families, community groups and schools with meaningful educational, social and recreational experiences.  Since 1992, ASF’s primary focus has been a paid, work-based apprentice program serving DC, Maryland and Virginia. Here, disadvantaged youths from the ages of 18 –22 develop the discipline, self confidence, workshop and job skills necessary to find a meaningful place in the regular workforce. If necessary, they also earn their GED using ASF’s hands-on, contextual curriculum.

Apprentice Program

The work day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. at our 2 Duke St. Shop. Hours are divided between  the academic classroom and the workshop.  Apprentices are paid a bi-weekly stipend after the completion of a three-week trial period and earn periodic bonuses for completion of set program goals.  Applicants who enter the program are given an initial unpaid three-week screening period during which they may choose to drop out without prejudice (i.e., they may apply for readmission at a later time and be considered without prejudice.) A bonus is paid tor those who successfully complete the trial period.

The hands-on, GED curriculum introduces the necessary concepts and skills through the experience of working in a wooden boat shop and training for a career in the building trades or other opportunities that present themselves. Job readiness skills are a primary focus of the program.
There are four full time employees and two part time employees at the Foundation as well as three part time contractors.

A large volunteer base contributes over 10,000 program hours annually.  Apprentices work side by side with staff and volunteers who often are the most reliable adults in their lives.  These adults are on hand to assist the apprentices in dealing with issues concerning the court system, city agencies, DMV, procurement of automobiles, and/or personal problems which they may find difficult to address.
The Alexandria Seaport Foundation provides solutions for risk factors such as criminal records, gang affiliation, anger management, refugees status, and learning disabilities. Staff and volunteers provide whatever means necessary to address these challenges.

The After School Apprentice Program

The After School Boatbuilding Apprenticeship Program is modeled after the full time apprenticeship program and operates during the summer and after-schoo for youth between 16 and 18 identified as at-risk for dropping out of school and/or with low math test scores. Summer apprentices work full-time; after-school apprentices work four times each week between 4:00 and 6:00 pm in the ASF workshop and classroom.

These students have the opportunity to remain in the program until they graduate from high school, as long as they successfully complete projects, pass classes, and learn the “soft” skills required to maintain a job.

There are currently openings available. If interested in applying, please fill out the application below, indicating interest in the after school program and fax it to 703-566-3416. For more specific questions, please call Howell Crim at 571-259-3432.

Applying for the Full Time Apprentice Program

Applications are accepted at any time. To apply for the full time program, print and fill out the application (link to a pdf copy, below).  You may submit it ahead of time or bring it the day of the mandatory pretest.

Mandatory GED pretests are held the second Thursday of the month at 8:30 am at the Wolfe St. Classroom (just beyond the 2 Duke St. Shop) and other times as arranged with Darius Ligon, the Academic Instructor. Call 703-399-1899 to schedule. Those who pass the pretest will be drug tested. Those who pass both the pretest and the drug test will come back for an interview on the third Thursday of the month, or a day of the instructors’ choosing, at 8:30 am at 2 Duke St.

Classes start roughly every two months.

Applications are accepted by mail and fax at:

Alexandria Seaport Foundation
P.O. Box 25036
Alexandria, VA  22313
Fax: 703-566-3182

Community and Family Boatbuilding is a unique opportunity to build your own Bevin’s Skiff rowboat — no experience neccesary!  The following materials will help you conduct your own community boatbuilding event, whether you plan to build one boat or many. The boat can be completed in two days.

Bevin’s Skiff Specifications:
Type: Skiff
Length: 12 ft
Width: 4.5 ft
Weight: 120 lbs.
Capacity: 3 persons or 450 lbs. and limitless fun!

Video: How To Run a Family Boat Building Event – 18 MB (WMV)

Sample Advertising/Application Documents

Items Needed at the Event

Family Boatbuilding Examples

About the Bevin’s Skiff

Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Volunteers and visitors can work on the current boat building project and swap stories. The second Tuesday of each month is a potluck dinner at the 2 Duke St. Shop, often with some live music and a presentation or liars’ bench.

Time: Tuesday evenings 7:00–9:00 p.m.
Place: Alexandria Seaport Center, 0 Thompson Alley or 2 Duke St. Shop, Old Town Alexandria, VA

For more information, contact us at 703-549-7078.

We are currently working on a Haven 12 1/2

Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Alexandria Seaport Foundation

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