Bandurria – The Instrument Of The Philippines…



The bandurria is a plectrum chordophone from Spain, similar to the cittern and the mandolin, primarily used in Spanish folk music. It bears a close resemblance to the Portuguese guitarra (a guitarra Portuguesa).

Prior to the 18th century, the bandurria had with a round back, similar or related to the mandore.[1] It had become a flat-backed instrument by the 18th century, with five double courses of strings, tuned in fourths.[1] The original bandurrias of the Medievalperiod had three strings. During the Renaissance they gained a fourth string. During the Baroque period the bandurria had 10 strings (5 pairs). The modern bandurria has 12 strings (6 pairs). The strings are tuned in unison pairs, going up in fourths from the low G#. The lowest four strings are a major-third above those of a standard guitar and the highest two strings are a fourth above a standard guitar, ie G♯, c♯, f♯, b, e and a.[2]

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A medley of songs by Ryan Cayabyab – Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika, Pag Umuulan at Kapiling Ka, The Best Gift, Nais Ko, arranged by Reginald Bernaldez and Paul Tiburtius Salipong




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Tuning the 14-String Filipino Banduria. Tuned from high string to low string: G — D — A — E — B — F#




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13 thoughts on “Bandurria – The Instrument Of The Philippines…

  1. i would like to buy one Banduria, but i´ve no idea how much it could be?
    Can you give me a price approximately? Thank you, Virgie

  2. If you have a Spanish 12-String bandurria you can get strings from “JustStrings” –but if you have a 14-string Filipino bandurria –you may have to buy single strings or order from the Philippines.

  3. La Bandilla is a brand, a Banduria cost 3, 400 in hard case and 3, 000 for soft case. Guitar string can also be used in banduria.The first 3 strings are 0 and so on…….

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