Sweet Yams- Homemade Baby Food.

Originally posted on LE ZOE MUSINGS:

I just started Zoey on solids probably one month ago. She is starting out with fruits and veggies. So far she doesn’t like avocados or apples (too tart). She loves bananas, yellow squash, and sweet yams. It’s ridiculous the price of baby food out there. One jar of 4oz is anywhere from 90cents to $1.50, and if you go organic, forget it. 

Preparing your baby’s food is not only more economical, but healthier (no preservatives), and you know exactly what goes into it. The ingredients are just so pure. 

Here’s how I made baby food with sweet yams. So simple and easy I’m almost insulting your intelligence. 

I cut them into equal pieces before boiling so they can cook faster and evenly. 

After about 20 mins, the yams are tender and ready to puree. I wait until they are cooled down first before pureeing. 

Voila! This will last Zoey for…

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