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       Maybe I should start this post to explain that Ireland is not a favorable place for people who would love to enjoy a proper winter. As I was growing up in Poland where the winter time could really show its teeth sometimes.  Living here it’s kind of one season for all the year :) Anyway as a passionate outdoor person, I take my chances and I try to take every given opportunity what this magical island has to offer. Last week as the temperature dropped below zero in highlands and the snow lingered up high I packed my backpack and headed to Wicklow Mountains.  After I got to above certain altitude the conditions were worsening with every meter gained but it didn’t scare me as I always repeat to myself “It could be worse” :)

  Soon I discovered I wasn’t there on my own which actually cheered…

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Lichnos Beach hotel & suites

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 Når tiden kommer hvor du skal planlegge turen din til Parga, så burde du bo på Lichnos Beach hotel & suites.

Lichnos Beach hotel & suites var en av de aller første store hotelene i Epirus.

Og  hotelet åpnet  allerede sine dører på slutten av 60 tallet, av den samme familien, som fortsatt eier hotelet i dag…

Hotelet har akkurat vært i mellom en transformerende renovation og derfor har

alt som du noen gang kunne ha tenket deg eller ha ønsket deg, i et strand hotel.


When you are planning your trip to visit parga, you should stay at Lichnos Beach hotel & suites.

Lichnos Beach hotel & suites  was one of the first hotels in Epirus.

The hotel opend its doors in the late  sixtys and just last year went thrugh a transforming  reneovation.

Lichnos Beach hotel & suites has everything you could ever want or disiere in a beach hotel.

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Family Bonding and Mayon Volcano’s Perfect Cone

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Whenever I go home for a short vacation to our province, I always allocate time for family bonding. Walking on a rice field, romping in the sala, going to the market are only some of my ways to bond with my son and wife. The pictures have been like that for three years since my little boy was born. So, I thought it would be a great idea to give them a different kind of family bonding the next time around.

There’s no better time to realize that plan when we went home on the third week of August this year to commemorate my father-in-law’s death anniversary. We stayed there for five days from August 17 to 21 and it was on the last, rainy day of that short vacation that I decided to introduce my son to hiking. And the perfect place is the Lignon Hill Nature Park in…

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