Love Party; FCA and KSA at Cafe IMA

Cafe Ima


Welcome back to the Spring 2012 semester! In celebration to all that has happened and all that will happen this semester, FCA and KSA cordially invite you to a night to remember: Love at Café IMA. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may even find that special valentine. Come out to dance the night away or to sit back and meet new/old faces.

Theme: Red and White
Dress up as a little devil or that sexy cupid. Come styling that new red or white button down shirt. Anything goes at Café IMA, it’s going to be hot. [*** For $5 discount: must wear AT LEAST TWO of these following colors: Red, White, Pink]

Entrance fee:
$10 BEFORE 11pm
$15 AFTER 11pm
**$5 off with a costume**

As always…
18 to chill
21 to spill intro adapted from this website.





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