Filipino Beach Fest 2012

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Filipino Beach Fest 2012 Trailer


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Piney Point Beach Fest Blowout AUG 5-7, 2011

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Piney Point Beach Party Blowout AUG 5-7, 201- Trailer
Filipino Beach Festival – Mabuhay!!!

I am Fil Productions – 2011


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Filipino Beach Fest Coast Watch Cabin 2011
Piney Point,MD – Far East Beach & Camp MD
Filipino Beach Fest didn’t go as planned, but still was a special occasion for everyone who shared in the event!!! A fantastic & relaxing soiree by the shore. We look forward to next year’s event and we’re planning for another fantastic beach party/festival in Aug 2012 at Camp MD & Far East Beach!!! Thanks Far East Beach & Camp MD for your Hospitality (Scott, Jocelyn, & Mike)!!!

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