TASI ALABASTRO is an actorfilmmakerphotographer and a core member of Square Marden - a media production team dedicated to truthful storytelling while introducing community artists to a wider audience. With experience stemming from his passion and involvement in performing arts, filmmaking, and photography, Tasi Alabastro helps drive the creative efforts at Square Marden by providing imaginative and engaging solutions to a range of projects. A firm believer in curiosity and learning, Tasi continues to work in film production, often wearing multiple hats which include writing, directing and performance.

Various collaborations have garnered awards including music video Audience Choice Award from CAAM’s 2010 San Francisco International Film Festival, multiple awards from The 48 Hour Film Project competitions (San Francisco/San Jose), and credited Tasi as writer for Jury selected Best Picture Award forUniversity of California: Berkeley’s Campus Moviefest. He is also a company member to San Jose Repertory Theatre‘s outreach program, Red Ladder, providing clients with leadership, communication, and problem solving skills through Improvisation.

In addition, Tasi is involved with The Chronicles of EMS, a webseries diving into critical topics that effect healthcare and emergency medical services. He continues to derive lessons from projects which, in turn, serve as a reminder that if one wants to change the World, he/she must first find the change within.

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