rap/r&b/pop fusion
Kimsan, Flip D’skript, Sebastien
richmond VA.
Record Label
BMI/music group
” remember everything happens for a reason but that doesnt mean your powerless over the situation you have the ability to make your own destiny”
Each member brings a different element to the table to form the trio embassy. Embassy developed a sound unmatched by anything that has been done before, a fresh sound, a new breath of air in a crowded market of carbon copies and wannabes. Embassy is the answer. Clean cut image, cutting edge sound and energy to move the masses of any genre of music lovers. Embassy is the future of rap/ r&b/ and pop… infused together. How… You might ask? The combination of growing up and experiencing different back grounds of all walks of life has made this possible for the group embassy. The only thing left to say is music has evolved and has given birth to a new genre lead by embassy so hold on tight these guys are the future………

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Plural (male)
Current Location
chesterfield va.
General Manager
GT Management LLC.
real life experiences
Press Contact
Booking Agent
embassy worldwide
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