Meg & Dia Frampton

Uploaded by wynette26 on Sep 14, 2011
Not “Why Daniel,” just “Daniel.”

I only recorded a snippet, my camera was full -_- Such a heartfelt song. Amazing lyrics, music, melody, emotion…everything.
Meg Dia Carlo Daniel Flappers
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Meg & Dia Fan Club
this is just something for the Meg&Dia fans. I love them a lot. probably my favourite band. :)Meg & Dia are an indie rock band formed in Draper, Utah. Originally founded by Korean American sisters Dia (vocals) and Meg Frampton (guitar and backing vocals), the sisters are now accompanied by bassist Aaron McMurray and drummer Nick Price.

Meg & Dia self-released their debut album, Our Home Is Gone, in 2005, which featured a mostly acoustic style of music, and toured extensively in support of it, sharing stages with such national acts as Limbeck, The Format, Melee, Koufax, and Steel Train.

In the fall of 2005 they signed to Doghouse Records, and in January 2006 recorded a second album, Something Real, with producer Stacy Jones of American Hi-Fi. As a teaser for the album, Meg & Dia released an EP titled What is It? A Fender Bender., on both iTunes and the Tower Records website in July of 2006. What is It? A Fender Bender. featured Monster and Indiana, which were originally acoustic songs, and would also be part of their upcoming album. That album was soon-after released on August 08, 2006. Something Real is made up both new works and some re-written versions of previous songs.

The band has gained in popularity after self-promotion via; they were selected as the official MySpace band on the 2006 Warped Tour. They were also included in the ’100 Bands You Need To Know In 2006′ in the April 2006 edition of Alternative Press magazine.See More

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